Students attending schools in ANESU will be assessed in Physical Education through five standard-based categories.  The five areas of learning that students will be assessed in include:

  • Motor Skills
  • Movement Concepts and Principles
  • Fitness
  • Goal Setting
  • Social Responsibility

Students will be given a score ranging from 1-4 on each P.E Standard.  The definition of each coding system is listed below

ANESU Standard-Based Report Card Coding System for Physical Education

Grades K-6

  • 4- The Student consistently exceeds expectations related to the standard
  • 3- The student meets expectations related to the standard
  • 2- The student is progressing toward meeting expectations related to the standard
  • The student makes an attempt with much help and encouragement
  • NA- Not assessed this trimester
  • G- Group Activity not yet individually assessed

How is my Child Assessed in Physical Education?

Motor Skills: Each unit your child will be given an individual skills assessment, related to the skills they learned throughout the unit.

Movement Concepts and Principles & Fitness:  At the end of each unit students will be given a test to assess their comprehension of the martial that they have been taught.  Furthermore, students will be asked questions about specific content that was talked about during each unit.  Questions will consist of topics on rules, motor skills, anatomy, and other activity/health related topics.

Goal Setting: Students in 3rd-6th grade will be asked to set a physical activity goal and record their activity for a two week period during each trimester.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends children between the ages of 6 and 17 get 60 minutes of exercise a day. CDC LINK

Students will be required to set a goal of at least 60 minutes of exercise for a two week period and record their physical activity in a daily log.  All students who meet the standard of 60 minutes will receive a 3 on their report card.  In order to receive a 4, students must exceed the standard by setting a goal of more than 60 minutes a day of exercise and achieve their goal.

Physical activity is achieved in many different ways.  Aerobic activity (walking, jogging, playing at recess, etc), Muscle strengthening activity (push-ups, jumping jacks, gymnastics, etc) and Bone strengthening activity (running, jump rope, etc)

Social Responsibility: Students will be graded daily on their:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Participation
  • Preparedness

Students who come to class and participate to the best of their ability and demonstrate good sportsmanship will get a 3 on their report card.  Students who go above and beyond encouraging their classmates while simultaneously always challenging themselves to participate to the best of their abilities will get a 4 on their report card.


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