Monthly Archives: January 2013

NYC Scavenger Hunt Project


For this unit we will be learning how to use compasses to locate object that have been hidden.  You will be given coordinates and a distance to be traveled.  For example you may be given the direction to set your compass at 90 degrees and walk 120 feet.  Once you arrive at your destination there will be coordinates to the next object.

Groups of five will be assigned, and your first job is to create a nine piece puzzle with one fact about a NYC landmark in each piece.  Please click on your fact sheet below and write down interesting facts that you find

Statue of Liberty

Empire State Building 

United Nations

911 Memorial Museum

Ellis Island

American Museum of Natural History

South Street Sea Port

Time Square

Broadway       Spiderman




Snowshoeing Begins January 7th!!!!

Dear Families,

I hope that everyone had a very relaxing winter break.  During the month of January we will be snowshoeing in P.E class.  If you could please send your children prepared to go outside.  They will need a coat, boots, hat, mittens/gloves, and snow pants if possible.  Anyone who needs something, please let me or your classroom teacher know, so that I can help find something to borrow before class.

Brian Godfrey

P.E Teacher