Goal Setting Project

During the month of February, I’m asking students to work on setting goals for themselves around being physically active.  Goals may be linked to the Presidential Fitness Test or any other goal that a child has for themselves.  Students will be taking the Presidential Fitness Test during the end of the month, so a goal around improving push-ups , mile run, shuttle run, sit & reach, and sit-ups scores, is a good place to start.

Students in K-2nd grad will be asked to choose a goal, and verbally check-in with me about their progress before the beginning of P.E class.  Students in 3rd-6th grade will be required to fill out a goal setting sheet and track their progress on a exercise log.  Their is no time requirement for students, and data doesn’t need to be recorded for every single day; however for goals that take minimal time, such as improving push-ups,  I would ask that this goal is practiced on most days.

I’ve attached a sample goal setting sheet and exercise log for anyone who may need an extra copy.

Goal Setting Sheet/ Exercise Log


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